Storm Rolls into Rockaway Park


Double Rainbow...so extreme


As seen from outside our window at Rockaway Beach.


Setting Up A Horse Race--Sort of...


This sketch is for an editorial about the NYC democrat primary. Had a bit of fun creating the depth in the image using line.

My favorite drawing of my favorite person

In the morning, Val is in the habit of writing in her journal. I took a little time out to sketch her as she goes over her page. I'm glad I made this drawing, it is amongst the favorites I've made of Val, who is rediscent to be drawn by the house brush-slinger.


To the Beat of a Different Drum...

Yet another sketch from the ubiquitous exacompta sketch pad. I spotted this collection of drums and an old guitar case sitting on a stage at the Rockaway Artist's Alliance and thought they made a good subject for a sketch page. Done in about 15 minutes using a pentel brush pen. My favorite of the night's efforts.


End of the World? Meh...


Elephant & Donkey

Have quill will travel. Here is a drawing about the G.O.P. & Democrat spat over the debt ceiling. I had a bit of fun with this and tried out a new ink in the process. I used Waterman's product and found it to be pretty good. The pen was a Gillott--the best nib there is--laid down on a Borden & Riley, two-ply, plate finished bristol. There are some nice quirky details in this one. For example, take a look at the face on the money the elephant is stomping on. Also, one never likes to have their drawn characters let it "all hang out", so the trunk of our pachyderm, is strategically placed to obscure. Took about an hour and a half to do this one. It was fun to draw and the end result IMHO, came out well. Should be doing a few of these coming into 2012.


Exacompta Sketch #61

Another sketch from the ubiquitous Exacompta sketch pad. While waiting for a burger at the Irish Circle, I noticed what looked to be a Mother and son talking at a table adjacent to mine. The Irish Circle is a sports bar--of sorts--and used to be an OTB venue. I think this accounts for their best dish being the all American hamburger. I'm enjoying the brush pen, pentel should really be commended on their product. Yet, a genuine Kolinsky sable brush would be so much nicer using a top quality ink--like Higgins--to make the marks. With a quill in hand, it would be mark-making heaven. Trouble is, all that kit is a drag to carry around. Still, I suppose I should. Perhaps with the next pad (I have 4 left), I can give it a whirl using "old school" graphic mediums. The grays in the sketch are laid down using a Pitt grey brush pen. It slightly reactivates the ink and gives--when worked fast enough--a nearly watercolor like effect. The time it took to get this down, is about the length of time it takes the Irish Circle to rustle up a burger, which is about 10 minutes.

Exacompta Sketch #27

Here is the latest from the sketch pad. Took Whiskey the dog to the Freeway dog run and whilst she was tussling with some of her doggie buddies, I took out the handy dandy sketch pad and made this quick one on what has turned out to be a spectacular day. It must nearly be 80º F (30º C for Canucks)! I used a Pentel brush pen and a couple of Pitt brush markers to make quick work of it. The building in the background is the NY Transit's work depot. The elevated tracks can also be made out in the distance. Whiskey got pretty bored of me drawing, but managed to entertain herself. To the left, on the bottom you can make out a dog that was resting in the shade. Don't know it's name, but it seemed to be getting as much from the day as I did.

Taughannock Falls

Ross Barbera and I visited and vowed to paint paintings of Taughannock Falls, but until now have not. Here is my effort done in acrylic over a 2 hour period at the Rockaway Artists Alliance last night. The falls actually look made up, as if a sculptor was fiddling about and just wanted to make falls with one long drop. Though I wasn't able to paint this "en plein air", I did attempt to give it that look. I found working up the space to be challenging as it is like just being inside the lip of a great empty cauldron. It is so deep that the light is poor--at the bottom of the falls--for most of the day. Then, for a few brief hours in midday, the best can be made of the sun's light. Unfortunately, I got there in the mid afternoon in late fall. Crummy light. Still the texture and strata of the stone made a interesting subject. Maybe, with luck, I'll get there again and have another chance to put this natural wonder on canvas.


Painting From Sketch

Got a couple of hours in and knocked this one out. It is based--with license--on the sketch I made the day prior. It is in acrylic and is 11x14 inches. The pallet of color that I used was quite limited, though it kind of looks as if there was more to it than this. Mind you, I did stock up on about 3 different types of green and at least that many blues. For whatever reason, I ended up using a deep yellow verses a more spectral variety. Maybe, a little deeper than Hansa Yellow. The bit I was rather pleased with, was the color switch-up on the left-hand side of the foliage. Having only two hours in the studio, I knew I had to get this knocked out, so all I did was deepen and add blue to the green (I think a little Paine's gray made it's way in too) and just motored on. I do know that the subject is not so compelling, but I genuinely had fun painting this picture from the sketch (see below).


Nature Sketch

Beautiful day on Campus. Took the class out to do a studies of foliage and/or buildings. This is a small clutch of contrived nature near St. Thomas Moore Church (behind in fact). The drawing is largish, at 18x20 and made in about 40 minutes. Tried to make each mark count in the time available. I enjoyed drawing this quite a bit. Many of the students commended themselves well. Wish I had a camera to document those graphic essays. Got out later to the Rockaway Artist's Alliance and made these two sketches of Elgin Bolling. Elgin was giving a talk on caricature. These sketches were done with a pentel brush pen. The pen is kind of ingenious, it features and actual brush to deliver the ink. Elgin didn't--in fact--pose for the drawings, they are in "courtroom sketch" mode.


Exacompta Sketch Pad

Here is a sketch from the first page of a sketch pad recommended by former student Ron Atienza. Did this in the parking in Whitestone while waiting for a car wash using a Pentel brush-pen in black & light grey. There really was nothing on the bill board. In the background is the porthole to hell, better known as the DMV. I've got 4 more pads to fill, so I had better get busy!


A Quick Portrait...

Combine five minutes, a piece of compressed Cretacolor charcoal (5mm in a holder) and a page of newsprint and the result is? So here is the latest quick sketch. The model is Sal, who is busy in his own right, attempting to draw the figure before him. Kind of has a hipster meets Amish mashup going with the beard. Going through that pad like crazy. Gotta get another soon.


Painting sketch

This weeks painting sketch. It is another acrylic on canvas done in about 2 hours or so. It is pretty small too. about 8x10 inches. My favorite bits are the hallway to the left and the stand along with it's pot. I really want to add something to that pillar to slow the vertical thrust down. There was noting there when I painted this, but I was thinking either a small painting or mask. Also, rushing lead me to leave other areas unresolved. I've got to do more of these--fun-fun-fun.

Here is an update with other elements added.


A Drop of Ink...

Another quick study--15 minutes--done in the midst of a longer pose. Used a Gillott rigid nib and Parker's Quink (quick drying ink) on plate finished bristol. I started at the shoulders and kind of worked up and then down. At any rate--its a fast one for you to look at. I definately have to get my hands on some Higgin's Eternal. The "Quink" flows okay, but casts a purple hue to the lines and dries somewhat transparent--like it was watered down!


Val & Paint

A quick painting done in acrylic on canvas. Val sat down to read a book and in an hour and fifteen I came up with this. It has been a little while since I sat down at an easel, but it was fun. I'll have to try a few more of these. How I persuaded her to sit down and read a book is the amazing thing. It was still wet when I snapped this, but I'd really like to shoot a lighter value in were the front of that page on the page facing us is. My friend--Mark Lang--paints full time. The small taste of creativity and experimental fun in making such a thing really puts an end to any doubt as to why he does what he does.


More Quick Sketches

Three done in 15 minutes each--charcoal on newsprint.

Quick Sketch II

Another quick sketch. This one was done for a 3 minute pose.


Budget Cuts

A quick drawing for INX about republican budget cutting. I attempted to represent how awkward the process was. The ompa-loompas (in the orange jumpsuits) are busy with the refit, they're loosely based on the costume of Stanley Tweedle from Lexx. inx_kerr2

Quick Sketch

A quick sketch (about half an hour) with charcoal on newsprint. Worked a little too fast, but got the basics of what was going on. I have to do more of this.