This site will be my ongoing web presence until such time as I change it or just get tired of keeping it up. To friends and family who've come to visit –– welcome! To those who are interested in my artwork and ruminations on the same, likewise. 

Here's the scoop. I'm an editorial illustrator and my drawings are based on my responses to the articles that I've read and been commissioned to illustrate over the last 20 or so years. I really like to draw and to produce pictures that communicate graphically. I've always appreciated an image that respects the viewer and encourages interpretation. This site is presently organized into 5 galleries. The first features commissioned color illustrations. The second is similar, but the work is in glorious black and white. These pages are followed by the Dems & GOP gallery which features my takes on America's 2 dominant political parties. The last gallery features my personal work, including drawings from sketchbooks, paintings and so on. 

To visiting art directors or other potential buyers of my work –– I'm at my best with social content, the kind of story that deals with the way we live our lives, and how to improve our world. Not asking much, am I? So if I seem like the artist you'd like to commission, call me at (718) 474-1702. I look forward to hearing from you!