My B&W work is done in traditional dip quill pen & ink put down on plate bristol. My work responds to the editorial thesis of any given article. Over the years, my work has accompanied editorials by Al Gore, Wendy Wasserstein, Umberto Eco, Kurt Vonnegut among many others. My drawings have been Syndicated via United Media and INX. Most of my work is turned around same day and has been featured on the OpEd pages of the NY Times, Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, The L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Village Voice, Chicago Tribune among many others. All images here were drawn on the same day they were commissioned. Some of the illustration is available for purchase, inquire via e-mail.

Judiciary Meets Legislative • National Law Journal
Wasserstein Editorial • NY Times
Carl Schurz Park NYC • Pen & Ink
GOP Against Itself • Boston Globe Magazine
Fall of Weiner • The Wave
Searching for Terror • Washington Post
Gangs & Guns • Wave Newspaper
Pundits Sink Election • United Media
Budget Trimming • NY Times
Arafat & Israel • United Media
Runaway Juries • NY Times
OpEd • Wall Street Journal
How Dems became GOP • United Media
100 Views of NYC • Crocodile Cafe
GOP Wins Congress • United Media
Congressional Hearings • NY Times
OpEd • NY Times
Talk Radio • Washington Post
Jimmy Breslin • The Wave
The Fall of Bush Sr. • Boston Globe Magazine
Corporate Gangsters • Washington Post
Cloning • Washington Post
OpEd • Newsday
Student Loan Cost • Newsday
Requiem For a Agent • Washington Post
Promotional • Self
OpEd • NY Times
USA at War • Washington Post
SUV Road Hogs • United Media
OpEd • NY Times
OpEd • United Media
Trump • INX Syndicate
OpEd • Newsday
Terror Hunt • Newsday
OpEd • The Wave
GOP Democrat Tug O War • Chronicle of Higher Education
Schumer as Grinch • The Wave
Shark Extinction • Newsday
USA Bends Over Backwards • United Media
OpEd • United Media
OpEd • The Wave
OpEd • The Wave
OpEd • Washington Post
Surveillance Nation • Newsday
Flying Health Risks • Newsday
GOP and Assault Rifles * INX
Gun violence • The Wave
Schumer parts the sea for NFIP • The Wave
Environmental Protection • NY Times OpEd
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