I've worked in watercolor, but took a break from it for a few years. In 2016 I revisited the medium and proceeded to do a number of sky studies. Most have been done day-after-day. I've composed a book featuring these studies. I am a Signature Member of the Brooklyn Watercolor Society. It can be seen in it's entirety in pdf form via this LINK. The physical book featuring fifty of these paintings can be found at BLURB via this LINK. Many the images featured here are available for purchase, inquire via e-mail.

Simplification  • Watercolor
Stormy Shore • Watercolor
Moon Over Sandy Hook  • Watercolor
Sunset  • Watercolor
The Chase  • Watercolor
Sky Study  • Watercolor
Beach 106  • Watercolor
Dividing Line  • Watercolor
Red Trawler  • Watercolor
Morning  • Watercolor
Verrazano Narrows from Staten Island
Whiskey Sleeps • Watercolor
Strawberry Moon  • Watercolor
Sandy Hook Sunset • Watercolor
St. John the Divine • Watercolor
Sculpture • Watercolor Sketch
Botanical Garden • Watercolor
Atlantic Nocturn • Private Collection
Treatment  • Watercolor
Trawler & Two Tugs  • Watercolor
Late Clouds  • Watercolor
Setting Past Jersey  • Watercolor
Red Ocean  • Watercolor
Study of Sarah  • Watercolor
Gil Hodges Bridge  • Watercolor
Distant Storm  • Watercolor
Lighting Strike • Watercolor
Take Off  • Watercolor
Sky & Boardwalk  • Watercolor
Rainbow  • Watercolor
Set Sun  • Watercolor
High Clouds  • Watercolor
Storm  • Watercolor
Walkway  • Watercolor
Moon  • Watercolor
Dinner Out  • Watercolor
Returning to Port  • Watercolor
Dune  • Watercolor
Morning  • Watercolor
Painted Canyon  • Watercolor
Late Afternoon Sun • Watercolor
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