I work in a few different medias. For editorial I often employ ink with watercolor with PhotoShop. Depending on the commission or by request, I can switch up accordingly. I can typically turn a commission around quickly, same day if needed. Some of the illustration is available for purchase, inquire via e-mail.

DACA Policy Revision • Syndicated
Hanukkah • Wave Newspaper
Gun Insanity • INX
Atomic Iran • INX Syndicate
NYC Rejects GOP • INX Syndicate
American Ouroboros • Published in the Wave
Picking Justices • INX Syndicate
Midterm Wave Bust • INX Syndicate
Democrat Confusion • INX Syndicate
State & Religion • INX Syndicate
Transgender in US Army •  OpEd The Wave
Trump Talks Nukes With Un • Pencil with Watercolor and Digital
Death in Darfur • INX Syndicate
Court Tilts to the Right • Syndicated by INX
Israeli Wars • INX Syndicate
Charlie Hebdo • UTO (Universal Tolerance Organization)
Gas Costs • INX Syndicate
Guantanamo • National Law Journal
Opioid Addiction • INX
GOP Buget Cuts • INX Syndicate
North Korea • Syndicated via INX
Police Shooting • INX Syndicate
The Wave • Corruption NYS Charity
Trumpcat on Syria • Pen and Ink
Russian Starvation • Bostonia Mag.
de Blasio
9-11 First responders • Wave Newspaper
Dayton & El Paso Reapers • The Nation OppArt
GOP Clown Car • INX Syndicate
Trump Fixes USA • INX Syndicate
Remembering 9-11 • Newsday
Piracy • INX Syndicate
Legal Fairness • The Wall Street Journal
Trump and the GOP • INX Syndicate
Fall of Anthony Weiner • The Wave Newspaper
Democrats 2018 Blue Wave • Syndicated via INX
Arnold Leads CA • INX Syndicate
Cuba After Castro • INX Syndicate
Australian Wildfires • INX Syndicate
Trump Leads GOP from Rear • INX Syndicate
FARC & Peace • INX Syndicate
Insatiable Thirst For Oil • INX Syndicate
GOP Serves Crow to Media • INX Syndicate
 Guantanamo Bay • INX Syndicate
Yasser Arafat • INX Syndicate
Robots Turn on their Creators • INX Syndicate
American Conflict with Russia in Syria • INX
GOP Voodoo Health Plan • INX
US Surveillance Homunculus • INX Syndicate
Syrian Military Misadventure • INX Group
China Olympics • INX Syndicate
Gangs & Guns • The Wave Newspaper
The Wall • INX Syndicate
Brazil Olympic Bankruptcy • INX
Night Trading • Newsday
The GOP Juggernaut • INX
Vile Tweets • OpEd  in The Wave
Summer Reading • Wave Newspaper
The Passing of a Pope • Alumni Magazine
Republicans Ride Wave • The Wave News
Winter in NYC • Holiday Card
INX • Healthcare dungbeetle
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