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I've been doing illustrative work in the New York area for 30 years. Graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design (1987) and hold a Masters, Illustration as Visual Essay (MFAI) from School of Visual Arts. My work is published widely in the United States news media with editorial illustration featured on the Oped pages of most national newspapers. My work is also syndicated by Now What Media via the INX group. Currently I'm a tenured professor at St. John’s University, teaching drawing & Illustration. I also contribute a weekly editorial illustration to the oped page of The Wave, New York City's oldest weekly newspaper. My motivations are simple, love to draw, dislike political and corporate corruption and intend to continue visually commenting and exploring the world via drawn media.


The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
Boston Globe Magazine
Fortune Magazine
The Globe & Mail
New York Newsday
United Media Syndicate
Now What Media/INX Syndicate
The Wave
The Chronicle of Higher Education
American Banker Magazine
The National Law Journal
The Village Voice
Los Angeles Times
Moscow Times
Business Week
New York Times Book review
Rizzoli Magazine
Mirabella Magazine
San Francisco Chronicle
The Sacramento Bee
The Chicago Tribune
Der Spiegle
The Nation
The Ragged Edge Press
Liberty Magazine
The Contra Costa Times
The Shakespeare Globe
Bostonia Magazine
The Washington Post
Pulse Magazine
Carl Schurz Park Conservancy

Exhibitions (selected)

2017, In The Balance, Gallery Gaia, Brooklyn, NY.
2017, Sketches/Line/Satire, Frostburg U., MD 
2017, Unnatural Election, NYU, Washington Sq., NYC.
2016,Landscapes,Claudette’s, Rockaway Park, NY
2015, UTO Gallery, Norway 
2015 CI. Museum, Sodom by the Sea, Brooklyn, NY. 
2014, SJU Illustrators Exhibit 
2013 MOTCONY Rising Waters 
2013 ICP Rising Waters Photo Exhibit Governor’s Island.
2013 SJU Faculty Exhibition, NY 
2012, UMA, Dartmouth MA 
2012, Satirical Art of INX, Syracuse U., Syracuse, NY.  
2012, Borders, Alexis Grady Gallery NY 
2010 Climate Alert, El Taller Gallery, NYC 
2007 Firing Lines, Fuente Gallery, Mexico 
2006 INX Satirical Exhibition, Mus. of Caricature, Poland 
2006 Faculty Exhibit SJU, NY 
2006 City Gallery,Wroclaw, Poland 
2005 Firing Lines, Triangle Gallery, Canada 
2005 Hand Gallery, Edmonton, Canada 
2004 Firing Lines, Parsons Gallery, NYC, USA 
2004 Oped Art, Gallery9, NY Times, NYC
2003 Brooklyn Micro Museum, NYC 
2003 INX Exhibit, MCS Gallery, Easton, PA, 
2001 INX Exhibit, New School 
2001 Faculty Exhibit SJU 
2001 Lowe Gallery, SU, USA 
2000 University Gallery, SJU, NY, USA 
1998 Faculty Exhibit AIB, Boston, MA 
1991 Selected works, NYC Atrium, NYC, USA 
1989 Small Works, NYU, 80 Washington Square East, NY
Communication Arts, Award of Excellence 2005
3x3 Magazine 2006: Award of Excellence
Society of News Design: Awards of Excellence
Society of Publication Design: Awards of Excellence
American Illustration (AI37) 2018

Permanent Collection
Museum of the City of New York

Society of Illustrators
Brooklyn Watercolor Society—Signature Membership.

Tom’s work--professionally--is done in old style quill nib and ink on plate bristol. He also works in watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, printmaking and digital formats. He also avoids speaking of himself in the third person whenever possible.

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