The Last Drawing of 2017...

What to do on New Year's Eve? Val & I are not the Ball-Dropping-In-Times-Square types, so we took up an invitation to hit a Brooklyn open mic at Sir D's Lounge. Joel premiered a few original songs and the rest of the crew played a range of material spanning the blues to Gordon Lightfoot tunes. Afterward we reveled into the later hours with the musicians at Santa Fe, a Mexican restaurant nearby. Prior to all this, we visited the Rodin show at the Brooklyn Museum. Os (the fellow wearing the "scoop" cap) had the honor of being the very last drawing of the year. Got four scribblings in. Great way to end 2017 and a wish goes out to all youse FB buddies to enjoy a spectacular 2018...Happy New Year Y'all!
Sketches of musiciansIMG_20180101_0002Man waiting against wallFXPhotoStudioExportedImage
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