Zombie snowpopcolypse bomb cyclone

Didn't document the zombie snowpopcolypse bomb cyclone, but I did make my first watercolor of 2018, featuring the setting sun over Sandy Hook as seen from Rockaway Park, NY. One of those occasions where my poor scanner didn't--IMHO--adequately reproduce the color of my scan; regardless of the care I put into adjusting the balance. The original is so much more satisfying. Just the same, hope you enjoy it as you sketch-on into the New Year.

Watercolor of sunset

Site is updated-Blog is live!

Try to keep up with social media, but for the short-term, I'm gonna keep a blog on my site, if only to chronicle the banal goings on for my own personal reference. Not much new to report today, but I will have to head out in the cold and pick up my artwork from Gallery Gaia in Brooklyn. It has run for a month and was fun to attend the opening and meet the people behind the show. Don't want to have to go out and do this, kind of want to be like Whiskey the dog and take a nap…she has her priorities straight.
Whiskey the dog under a bed
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